Offer Individual and Group training for Adults and juniors with single and multi-packages

  • One-to-one or Group Golf Lessons
  • Single or Multiple Sessions
  • Classes for kids and beginners
  • Sessions Designed for Each Individual
  • Coaching sessions can start with as low as 30 minutes in duration


All our golf simulators will use TM4 Launch Monitors powered by TrackMan, which is a global leader in golf technology. TM4 is the trusted companion of top professional golfers all over the world, as well as the “go to” solution for coaches, equipment manufacturers, fitters and many more. For amateur players, the TrackMan 4 delivers everything from fun games to concentrated, focused practice.

We use high quality equipment at our facility to give you a better experience and value for your time and money


We deliver a second-to-none, indoor simulator golf experience. Our golf course library includes some of the most legendary courses in existence, great selection of great Virtual Golf games, making simulator golf even more entertaining and rewarding. Golfers of all levels can play Virtual Golf games and also play rounds on some of the world’s most iconic courses.

Key Features:

  • Stunning graphics, hyper-realistic effects, and breathtaking real-life golf experience
  • Extensive course library with 120+ of some of the best courses in the world
  • Legendary Pebble Beach Golf Links, Spyglass Hill & Links at Spanish Bay now available
  • Ability to practice long and short game and as well as putting
  • Accurate measurement of club & ball data and ball flight without the use of markers
  • Suite of entertaining games for players of all levels from beginner to seasoned pro
  • Virtual tournaments will connect indoor golf and let them compete in new & exciting ways

OERT (Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking) - 2 Radars, 1 Camera, ZERO Doubt

  • Combines camera and radar technology
  • Precise ball tracking
  • Higher pickup rate on club data
  • Impact location without any markers
  • Chip, pitch, and approach shot club data
  • Indoor Spin Axis and Spin Rate adjustments based on gear effect

Performance Studio

  • Track every single shot with Animated Ball Trajectory, from Full Swings to entire Putting
  • Increase the consistency of your putts with 10 actionable ball data parameters
  • Comprehensive Skid/Roll View or Top View to see the Roll Trajectory and Break Details
  • TrackMan iOS Camera App allows you to mirror and record your movements live
  • Improved Table View to show only what’s important with simpler and smarter tables